PUBLICATION: Olympus Magazine

This picture was taken on the cliffs above Black Beach, near Vik in southern Iceland. It was my second attempt in 2015 to capture puffins in flight. The first was in the Farne Islands in the UK summer which was moderately successful. I achieved several good close-up shots with my new Olympus 40-150mm lens. I was more satisfied by this picture, however because it provided an dramatic context with the backdrop of the lava-coloured beach. The puffins been bullied from their clifftop location by several gulls. They flew out to sea and I took this shot as they returned to the roost.

Taking this photograph was a huge challenge in poor light, driving wind and rain and near-freezing temperatures. The rugged, lightweight, weatherproof Olympus equipment gave me the confidence and comfort to keep shooting until I got a shot I was happy with.

The RAW image was post-processed in Lightroom where I raised the exposure by one full stop and I boosted the clarity, shadows and whites. I also reduced the noise and boosted the saturation and luminance of the red and orange to accentuate the colourful beaks.

This photograph was published in Olympus Magazine (February 2016).