PROJECT: St. Kilda, Scotland: Wildlife Photography

A map and sea level view of St Kilda (1888).

St Kilda is a small collection of Scottish islands sitting about 40 miles west of the Outer Hebrides. It is one of only 24 global locations awarded World Heritage status for both its natural and cultural heritage.

It is one of Europe's most significant seabird colonies and has Britain's largest colony of northern fulmar and extensive pairs of breeding puffin; razorbill; northern gannet and guillemot.

The islands have no permanent inhabitants (the last ones were evacuated in 1930) but my great friend Tim and I will add to their number for a few days, attempting to get some stunning images of some of the 600,000 seabirds here.

St Kilda has the highest sea cliff in Britain (1400ft); experiences gale force winds for 70 days of the year and has twice the rainfall of Edinburgh. We have to take sufficient food for an enforced stay in case the boat is unable to land and collect us! What could possibly go wrong?

Tune in to get updates and hopefully see some of the aforementioned stunning photographs.