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Award winning wildlife photographer and professional trainer, John Birch is offering group workshops and bespoke, one-to-one and small group wildlife photography tutorials.

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Buying an old property in the Cumbrian North Pennines has taken its toll on my time in the last twelve months.. I can’t believe it’s actually been that long! Anyway, after a hit-and-miss year for tutorials and workshops in 2018, I concluded that it is no longer viable for me to offer pre-arranged packages and hope that I have sufficient numbers for an event to run. It results in too many cancellations and disappointed clients.

Instead, each tutorial or workshop will now be run on a bespoke basis. I will take bookings from individuals or small groups (up to maximum of four), the cost per head decreasing as the numbers increase. If you want the day to be exclusively for you or your own small group, just specify at the time of booking and the day will be exclusively yours.

On the other hand, if you are the first person to book and are happy to share the experience with others, if and when others book, you will be reimbursed the extra you have paid.

Whichever option suits you, when you book and pay for a workshop/ tutorial, it will always run.

Our home (North Pennine) workshops have an accommodation option, providing the opportunity for your partner (photographer or non-photographer) to come too.

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