AWARD: Highly Commended: European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017


I am honoured to have been highly commended for my image, "Torpedo" at this years GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 in the Mammals category.

The standard of entries was outstanding and it was slightly surreal to find myself standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the biggest names and exceptional talent in wildlife photography.

Very many congratulations to all the other winners and especially the overall winners (there were two this year) Britta Jaschinski and Erland Haarberg.

GDT or Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen (Society of German Wildlife Photographers) are a major promoter of wildlife photography and their awards are amongst the most prestigious on the annual calendar.

The awards were presented and exhibition opened at their 25th International Nature Photography Festival 2017 in Lünen, Germany. As always, I was accompanied by my wife and biggest supporter, the lovely Jules. We had great fun navigating the local rail network and enjoying a couple of relaxed days in Düsseldorf, revisiting some of the haunts from my younger days here!



Peale's dolphins congregate in small pods off the coast of South America. I had spent several minutes trying to capture one riding the bow-wave of my boat and porpoising against the dramatic scenery of West Point Island. I got several average shots, but I was much happier with this image of a sleek dolphin, completely at home in its underwater environment,  appearing to emerge from the splashes of our bow-wave like a torpedo. Falkland Islands.