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Fish Supper

Fish Supper
Fish Supper

Fish Supper

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The northeast coastal region of the United Kingdom is home to some of the largest and most intriguing seabird colonies in the world. Up to 150,000 migrating species arrive on small islands in the Spring to nest, breed and nurture their young, departing again with their fledglings in early autumn. There are huge volumes of seabirds flying around, some at high speed and low level accompanied by a deafening cacophony of birdcalling.

Here, an atlantic puffins returns to its young chick clutching a precious cargo of sandeels in its brightly coloured beak. Inner Farne, Northumberland, England, UK.

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Catalogue No: 1422

Edition Size: Open

Media: Fotospeed Natural Soft Texture 315gsm

Frame Shown: Opus L2284

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A1 (841 x 594)
A2 (594 x 420)
A3 (420 x 297)

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A1 (1181 x 934)
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A3 (760 x 637)

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