About John

In 2016, John Birch took the decision to join the ranks of the struggling artist! He has spent the time since, turning a lifelong passion into a profession; becoming a widely published and award winning freelance wildlife photographer and writer.

Despite turning professional only recently, John has seen his photographs and illustrated articles published in a wide variety of publications and magazines including Bird Watching; The 2017 BBC Countryfile Calendar; The Great Outdoors; Telegraph Traveller; National Geographic Online; The Guardian; World of Animals; Wildlife Photographic and Lonely Planet Traveller.

His enthusiasm for travel and the outdoors provides the continuing energy and inspiration to attempt unique photographic projects. Likewise, despite the immediacy of digital photography, the unpredictable behaviour of wildlife and wilderness photography means he still enjoys the same anticipation in the ‘Lightroom’ as he once did in the darkroom.

John is now using his extensive experience as a qualified trainer and mentor to help others realise their potential as photographers. In pursuit of this aim, he has developed a range of guided, international wildlife photography tours as well as UK-based, one-to-one and small group tutorials and workshops.

His gallery offers a small sample of his favourite images and his blogs provide a narrative snapshot of his adventures. Both are regularly updated so please call back.
Whatever your reason for visiting his website, enjoy the photographs but please respect our copyright. John is trying to earn a living from his former hobby and cannot work for free.
Thanks for visiting.